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Reaching for the Planet “undoubtedly won the 12 through jerseys unanimously adopted.

Although this “alone in-depth, seepage Xinghai” program is still very immature, there are many omissions and risks.

But the ancient Holy Land face no big changes in the situation for thousands of years, simply can not be cautious, no risk to ride the catastrophe.

Even now to surrender the real human empire, also faced with the black wind fleet drained and swallowed the risk – this point, are well aware!

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No one from the womb was born when the strong, they can practice to the present state of twelve, do not know how many reign of terror, do not know how much risk, how many circles in the Jerseys before sloshing.

Even if there is a high risk, but as long as the final income may exceed the risk of ten times, it is entirely worth a try!

Reaching for the Stars program passed, but not much time left to them, Xinghai depths, the Empire and the federal war may be imminent, perhaps already in full swing, and even into the stalker, linger the end of the stage.

They must race against time, immediately action!

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After repeated deduction, the twelve strong unanimous conclusion, leaving them to repair the Empire warships, “Aria”, as well as master crystal armor, giant soldiers and other modern magic of time, up to only six months.

Six months later, we must start out of the dark, toward China!

So, it is possible within a year to jump to the Star Yao federal, in time for the critical moment before the outbreak of World War II!

Empire, the Federation and the ancient holy, tripartite game among the ancient St. sector the largest card, is their absolute strength of twelve people.

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And their strength, but through the “giant” the ultimate weapons of the universe to be increased and released.

Therefore, the giants became the key to the key!

This is also the NI value of Lee, and even willing to throw the strongest Giants “Jiuyou generals” to bait to win over Lee, and Long Yang Jun also said Lee has “can not be replaced with” reasons.

Reaching for the stars after a few days after the plan, Li night and day, sleepless nights, all the energy into the Giants detection and debugging.

He not only to be responsible for testing, debugging and maintenance, but also to accurately grasp the performance characteristics of each giant soldier, and to “consultants” status, for each strong selection of a most suitable for their giants.

Uh, of course, to the Giants, “open the back door,” the heavy work.

As for these placed in the depths of giant soldiers, “back door” will not be many ancient strong found?

Well, Lee felt that they found the “back door” of the possibility of their identity than they directly expose the possibility of a hundred times smaller.

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